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How much do you charge?

I would never want anyone to forego help with car seats because of cost. Within my service area, I ask for a base rate of $40 total for one or two seats, and $50 total for more. You are welcome to tip above that, but no obligation! If that's above your budget, I will still help you for whatever you'd like to contribute - no questions asked.

UPDATE: For video appointments, I don't have a set rate. Some families choose to give me my regular appointment rate, and some feel comfortable with less. As always, I'm happy to help anyone within any budget.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Pretty much all of them! I accept and prefer credit cards or electronic payment (Zelle, Venmo, etc), but I also accept cash and check.

How long does an appointment take?

Generally, 30-45 minutes for one seat, or an hour to an hour and a half for more seats. Once I know your specific seat(s) and vehicle(s), I'll be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

Do my kids have to be there?

It's ideal if they are, but it's not required. If they're not, we will discuss how to adjust the seat and tighten the straps, and we can jump on a facetime or video call if you'd like when you do put them in the seats.

What if I'm pregnant?

Congratulations! 36 weeks, give or take, is the ideal time for this appointment. I'll bring a newborn-sized doll and we'll learn how to use the seat with it.

What if I just had my baby and didn't do the appointment while I was pregnant?

No worries! I'm happy to meet you anywhere you need help, including the hospital parking lot!

Can you help get me ready for when my grandchildren come visit?

Sure! I do grandparent appointments very frequently. I'll likely need to know the age and weight of the grandchildren to make sure you've selected the right seat. 

Can you help me with my nanny's car? My friend's car for carpool?

Of course! I'm happy to help keep your child safe in any vehicle he/she may travel in.

Do you do appointments at night? In the rain?

Not much rain here in Arizona! Nevertheless if there is, I'm still happy to meet with you.  Night is completely fine - the interior of the car combined with a phone flashlight or two will give us enough light to see what we need.

I have another question you didn't answer here.

Feel free to contact me!  Email me at, or call or text at (781) 492-6043.

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